Vision: A life attuned to the to the wonders of nature for every child, family, teacher, and school… 

Mission: Children who fall in love with the earth's many wonders grow into adults determined to protect them. My mission is to help parents and teachers connect young children to nature through activity ideas, outdoor adventures, book reviews, resources for the classroom and home playroom, and DIY nature toys.

Philosophy: Children who fall in love with the natural world grow up to be adults who take good care of it, and mother nature needs all the allies she can get. But not only does nature need them, children need nature too! So how can you help your kids connect with nature? Through play. The more time children spend playing freely with objects from nature and in natural spaces - looking, thinking about, and discussing the many elements of nature, the better. And helping children connect with nature, means we teachers & parents get to reap all those same benefits mother nature has to offer, including a greater sense of peace and gratitude, lower stress levels and heightened awareness and creativity, and so much more. When children are regularly connected with the natural world, everyone wins.

History: I (Josephine) created A Barefoot Education after many years teaching and caring for young children in Vermont, Washington, Hawaii, and Maine. Always enchanted by nature myself, my favorite part of teaching has always been sharing every-day nature adventures with kids, whether we're searching the shores for frogs at the pond, or shells at the beach, or curled up in the corner of the classroom with a story about a boy who weaves cloth from the clouds. Helping children uncover the magic of natural world has awakened in me an enthusiasm for natural history that I likely lost long ago in the journey to adulthood. Children experience nature with such joy because so often they are experiencing things for the very first time and once you learn to see it through their eyes as an adult, it's hard to go back to seeing the world in any other way than completely enchanted. 

Josephine is a teacher,  writer,  toy-maker, photographer, and naturalist. She is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for teachers, parents, and other caregivers to connect young children to nature and a sustainable lifestyle through everyday play.