A Shared Vision. A Shared Space.

Kids Movement Project

We believe that movement is essential for growing bodies, developing brains, and happy healthy kids. Through dance, yoga, and fitness programs, we hope to teach children and their caregivers about the endless benefits of daily physical exercise. For more information, check out www.kidsmovementproject.com!

Maine Yoga Kids

We are a team of certified instructors on a mission to share the joy of yoga with children and their families. Our aim is to introduce yoga and mindfulness in a fun and engaging way where everyone can find success. We offer group classes, private instruction, workshops, and birthday parties for all ages and abilities. To find out more, visit www.maineyogakids.com!

Rosemont Nursery School

Our mission is to provide an intimate learning environment that prepares children for success and happiness in school and in life. Learn more about our early childhood program at www.rosemontnurseryschool.com!

The Wrens Nest

We welcome all families whose intention is to birth, parent & move throughout the world respectfully. The 'how' is for each of us to figure out. In other words, we support parents regardless of how or where you give birth or how you became a mother, breast or bottle feed, cloth or disposable diapers, vaccinate or don’t, co-sleep or not, and the many other ways in which we parent and become a family.

A Barefoot Education

Children who fall in love with the earth grow into adults determined to protect them. Our mission is to connect children and their parents and teachers to the wonders of nature through engaging play-based kids classes, and fun hands-on workshops for adults.