What are They?

Story Stones are small, smooth, specially selected rocks that have letters, numbers, shapes, and pictures painted or glued on them. They are fun to make and even more fun to play with, offering children a deep and personal connection to the natural world. Story Stones inspire curiosity, inquiry, and all kinds of creative play.

Why Are They Beneficial?

  • story stones are durable
  • they are versatile
  • they are open-ended
  • they are multi-sensory
  • children love to play with them
  • they make a powerful learning tool
  • they are a great way to bring stories to life
  • they are fun to make, and easier than you think
  • a fun and simple way to connect children to nature

How Can I Use Them?

  • tic-tac-toe
  • pattern play
  • memory and matching games
  • practicing yoga poses and designing pose sequences
  • playing charades and other guessing games
  • accessories for imaginary play games
  • letter stones for alphabet explorations
  • musical notes for song composition
  • inventing group stories, poems, and songs
  • practicing language, literacy, and numeracy skills
  • helping children communicate choices
  • sorting, classifying, and organizing information
  • practice with sequencing and understanding timelines
  • inviting children to invent new ways to play with story stones
  • and so much more!

Have a new use for Story Stones? I'd love to hear it!

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